Project Description

Gold package

price: 745.000 HUF

/does not include VAT/

For the borrowed accessories the deposit is 150.000 HUF.
At the end of the wedding, if everything is injury-free the deposit will be paid back.

Carrige: within the territory of Budapest is 12.500 HUF, then 150Ft/km (back and forth).
The charge after 120 km is 20.000 HUF.

We need a personal meeting for specific needs, after then we can write you a personal quote.

  • bridal bouquet 1 pc

  • throwing bouquet 1 pc

  • pin for the groom 1 pc

  • pin for the men 2 pcs

  • corsage for women 2 pcs

  • bridesmaids bouquet 3 pcs

  • petals in paper cones 25 pcs

  • flower hair comb 1 pc

  • ring pillow with real flowers 1 pc

  • flower box for the parents 2 pcs
  • card/money box 1 pc
  • white carpet (10m) or petal carpet (petals on two sides) 1 pc

  • main table decoration (flower decoration arranged in groups,tea lights,candle holders)
  • behind the main table- light curtain 1pc

  • guest table decoration (low flower decor with tea lights and candle hoders or high flower decor) 10 pcs
  • wedding arch with material and even more flower decoration 1pc
  • round mirror plate
  • table number
  • seating chart on mirror with calligraphy
  • terrace decoration with big lanterns and light balls 6+5 pcs
  • cocktail table decor with little flower and candle 3 pcs
  • rolling cake table with flower- and light decor 1 pc
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